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Behold! Raintree County is the Great American Novel!

This project began when I tried to revise an awful Wikipedia article about Ross Lockridge Jr. (It was matched by Wiki's equally dismal discussion of Raintree County itself.) I didn't get far into the project, however. One of Wiki's self-appointed editors complained that it read "like a magazine article" and flagged it as needing improvements ... and more citations! I'd already peppered it with 19 footnotes, most of which I omit on this website.

Figuring that Wiki was a lost cause, as too often happens in crowd-sourced projects, I decided instead to create website of my own about what I regard as the Great American Novel, and about its author. This is a work in progress. What we have so far is a modestly expanded version of the article I was writing for Wikipedia. -- Daniel Ford

The short, unhappy life of Ross Lockridge Jr.

The heart of a nation

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